Announcing – RemoteInTech.Company

This is your very first post.

For some reason, I like keeping the first post. It’s nice to know where you began. Like where the idea for this site originated.

On 13th October 2015, Jessica posted this ^ She then started to compile these on the remote-jobs repository. I saw the tweet and started committing the next day.

After a while, Jessica asked if I wanted to become a maintainer… the rest is history.

Part of this process is what lead me to my role at Automattic, we’re more than remote – we’re distributed, and like more than a few companies on this list, we don’t have a main office. And I want to support more people to find a role that fits them in a company who support working remotely/distributed.

As part of #hacktoberfest 2017, I’m looking to move the list online, probably using JSON, and allowing people to properly search the list.

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