Highest view count

Seems like the end of the year is when people start thinking about another job.

The whole “work from home” trend with job seekers is picking up pace, and many people realise that this is a viable option rather than something unattainable!


I’ve started keeping a note of view and unique counts of the GitHub repo since they aren’t permanent, but I am looking at other options.

This thread from Reddit seems to be the main source of the traffic for that spike and looking at the other reddit threads, matches with this thought of more people look at the work from home life. It isn’t just for “digital nomads”!

Are you looking to break free from the office and the “9 to 5 routine”? Feel that you could do your job “from anywhere?”. Have a look through the list, all of these companies have roles which mean exactly that.

Don’t know how to get started? What advice or questions do you have about remote working? Ask on Twitter, and I’ll gather the questions in a new blog post.

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