Search Help

On the main page of the site you’ll see a search box:


You can use this box to search all of the data for all of the companies in our list at once, including technologies and regions/countries.

The search is a simple keyword search where all keywords that you enter must be present in a company’s profile. Companies that don’t match your search query will be temporarily hidden from the list.

The search engine ignores some common words (and their other forms like plurals and contractions), because it doesn’t make much sense to be able to search for “is” for example. This would just make the search data larger. The full list of these so-called “stop words” is available here.

To clear your search and reset the list, just delete everything that you entered into the search box.

You can also search for _incomplete (with an underscore at the beginning) to show all companies that don’t have a completed profile yet. This is a good way to find companies to contribute to: once you visit the profile page for one of these companies on our site, there is a link to edit the profile on GitHub.

The search engine is built using Lunr.js and the search data is delivered to your browser the first time you click on the search box. This may take a few moments especially if you are on a slower connection.

This is a new feature for the site, so please let us know if you see any problems by creating a new issue on GitHub. Be sure to include your search query and results, what you expected to see instead, and a screenshot of the issue.